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Thread: Losing feathers+black skin patches

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    Exclamation Losing feathers+black skin patches

    Today I saw something black on the back of Buttercupís leg. I picked her up and found that the skin on the back of her upper left leg was almost featherless, black with small gray streaks, and she squeaked when I ruffled through the feathers around it. I also saw this on her back under her left wing in a large awful patch, and on the back of her right leg it was going dark. I immediately separated her, as her chicks have an older sister who has been attempting to foster them for a while(despite the fact they already had a mom.) I will be taking her to the vet tomorrow if I can, since itís past closing time now. Anyone know whatís going on? From what I have researched it could be a fungus.

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    Re: Losing feathers+black skin patches

    It could be a fungus, but I can't say for sure without seeing any kind of photo. However, you are doing the right thing by taking Buttercup to the vet. Please keep us posted to what the "black" marks on her legs.
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    Re: Losing feathers+black skin patches

    That is weird and I hope it is something natural and not something bad going on with her. Keep a eye on the babies and make sure the older sister is really taking care of her babies while Buttercup is not with them.
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