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Thread: I think my birds getting ready to lay an egg!! :)

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    Re: I think my birds getting ready to lay an egg!! :)

    While she was out yesterday I realized... she doesn't know she can fly. She has full flight feathers, but she doesn't even know how to fly. She can barely hop to things. So that tells me they have been caged a VERY long time.. she runs to the door the second you open it to come out and sit on the top. I thinks shes afraid of being locked in again. He still hasn't figured out how to come out of the cage.
    I think you told me about a pair who was always kept in a room in the dark? I somewhat wondered if this happened with them and that's why they would go into the box when the light was turned on.
    The male took a while to learn how to eat the cuttlebone. When I first started giving them bread they were afraid of it.
    You know, another reason I know they didn't care about these birds is because I never received an email asking how they have been or how the first night went.

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    Re: I think my birds getting ready to lay an egg!! :)

    With the different posts that I reply to I may have shared about the breeder that kept that pair in the dark before. It is not surprising you never heard anything from them.

    When they are caged for a very long period of time, the muscles in their wings get very stiff with no exercise, and when they finally do get out, they don't have the strength in the wings to fly. With this pair it will be a long rehabilitation. But I will say that as they progress and get more healthy, this pair will end up being your best friend. If you can put yourself in the place of their terrible life, then you can imagine how happy inside they are to have escaped that terrible place they lived.

    If he sees her out exercising every day, he will, one day, decide to come out of the cage. Just let him come out of the cage himself. And you know, another thought is these two may not even know each other. They just might have chose one breeder female and one breeder male, put them together and sold them. That could also be why he is not coming out of the cage. I would say the nest box was a "meeting" place if you will, because the natural mating instincts always kick in whether birds really have been together or not.

    The honey I suggested will be good for her wing muscles, because when they don't get exercise and are older (we don't know how old they really are), they can get arthritis. You also could mix a very little bit of cinnamon with that honey. The mix of cinnamon and honey is supposed to be good for the muscles and bones.

    Patience and time are on your side. I KNOW you can rehabilitate them, one day at a time.

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