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Thread: Cockatiel Breeding....Funny but looked sooo wrong

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    Red face Cockatiel Breeding....Funny but looked sooo wrong

    I wanted to share something I observed recently...I visited a local bird pet store to buy some quality bird seed...this pet store specialize in a lot of breeds and care for their birds really well...Anyway I always stop by the cockatiel aviary and noticed a pair mating.....what was funny was the male was copulating the wrong end....the female nudged him off and tried again...and he still got it wrong...she tried several times and then I think she just gave up....I watched for about 30 minutes or so....near the end I started to get frustrated for the female cockatiel....onlookers must have thought I was strange cause I didn't realize that I was commenting....I only realized this when I went to buy the seeds and one of shop assistance commented on what I was saying...we both laughed about it....has anyone experienced or observed such behavior..

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    Re: Cockatiel Breeding....Funny but looked sooo wrong

    I've never seen this behavior in cockatiels that I have homed over the years. More than likely they were very young birds. I do know that hens that are very young and immature often times lay their eggs off of perches, or in different areas of the cage or home. Often times, if there is a male and they are paired together, the male gets jealous of the eggs and will peck them to dent or break them, or the eggs will break when falling from the perch. Females can be jealous of each other as well. Sometimes you will see two single hens together, both of them laying eggs (with no males at all in the aviary or the cage), and both getting territorial over their eggs, and even breaking the eggs. And possibly injuring each other in the process!

    As I always say . . we cannot fool mother nature! Animal and bird behavior and even fish behavior in an aquarium sure can perk our interest!

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    Re: Cockatiel Breeding....Funny but looked sooo wrong

    LOL, that would be funny to see and how funny you got caught talking to the birds and did not even realize you were doing it
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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