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Thread: Need opinions!

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    Need opinions!

    I got a breeding pair of cockatiels last month. When I put the box up they laid an egg with no shell and one with a soft shell so I removed the box. This did stop the egg laying process. I've been giving them calcium suppliment and vitamins. Tonight they have started mating again.
    I think I'm going to put the box back up because I feel she would only be mating if she planned to lay eggs (yes- i know they can mate and never lay eggs) but based on thw Last time when she mated she laid an egg the next week. With no box they stopped mating....untill tonight.
    I was planning to wait a few more months atleast but I don't want her breaking am egg if she does lay one.
    Emma Ellie Nala Mayzie

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    Re: Need opinions!

    Personally, I would not put that box back up as yet. I truly feel you will regret that decision. They need to be conditioned for several months before you try the breeding, since you had that problem with the eggs. (just my own opinion of course).

    You can never stop them from mating, whether you have the box set up, or not. You were just very lucky that today was the first day they started again. I would continue as I have been and if she does lay eggs, then replace them with dummies, or boil them. As I had shared before, place the eggs in the corner of the cage on the cage floor. She will have to go the 21-28 days of setting on them, and will abandon them sometime during that period. To take the eggs away from her will only make her lay eggs almost immediately after the first clutch she lays. Their health and conditioning are very important. From the state they were in before you got them, it will take more than a week or so of calcium supplements to get them ready.

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    Re: Need opinions!

    You need to "Stop" them from or at least her from laying for the rest of this season. It takes months to bring them back into good health. This can be a year or more to bring her back to full health, as she was in such a bad state. Any more egg laying is a tragic risk, and just not worth it, for her sake. She does not understand, it is her body you have to convince.
    All you are doing is putting her life at risk.
    Yes they can mate and this is hard to stop if they are together. But if she has more eggs, it could be her life, that ends.
    Maxollie knows, same as myself how great the risk is. If you want to do the right thing, then you have to find away to stop her laying not encourage it.

    I have 5xTiels. 2x males and 3x females. Zinny has laid eggs from June till November. I tried all I could to stop her, nothing was working. She is not paired up. Gabby mates and now Pearl is offering her body to Bubbles. There is no way am I going to put a nest in for them. Any eggs get dumped and dummy ones go in their place.
    R.I.P my little ones.

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