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Thread: Fly Free Yoda... for Charlie:)

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    Fly Free Yoda... for Charlie:)

    Today Charlie asked me to let everyone know that her little man Yoda died He had always had troubles with breathing and she took him to the vets today and they found a large mass in one of his airsacs. He had a great life with Charlie and we all know that Charlie did everything possible to make him well but guess it was never going to happen. He was such a funny sweet bird, Not! His nickname was the "little horrorbag" who was very much loved by his family of humans and fids. I also loved him from afar because something about little handicapped birds always grabs my heart. Yoda will be missed by everyone who knew you.

    My heart breaks for you Charlie because I know how much you loved him and how hard you tried to make him well again. He knew love from you and he was so happy to be with you and your flock. The short time you had him he truly learned what it was to be loved and to be happy. I will miss him and all your stories about him. Out of all your birds something about Yoda touched my heart and I will be grieving with you over the loss of him. Sending you a big hug and always know I am here for you.

    Fly free Yoda, you were loved...

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    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Fly Free Yoda... for Charlie:)

    I'm sending special condolences to you, Charlie, and I feel sad that Yoda has passed. You were a wonderful mom to Yoda. It was time he fly high and free.

    I am sending you (((((((hugs))))))). Thank you for letting us know through Deanna.

    Somewhere over the Rainbow, way up high,
    There's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby.
    Somewhere over the Rainbow, precious little birds fly . . . . .
    Fly High and Free Yoda! You were so loved by your Mom!

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    Re: Fly Free Yoda... for Charlie:)

    Fly free, pretty Yoda. Lucky birdie to spend the last part of his life with Charlie.

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    Re: Fly Free Yoda... for Charlie:)

    Fly free and high Yoda, and send Charlie some sweet dreams so she knows you're OK


    I hope you feel better soon, and that your memories soon fill you with more smiles than tears. You couldn't have Yoda any better, and he couldn't have had a better Parront than you x

    Thanks Lee for the adorable sig!

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