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Thread: Tips on Budgie Taming/ Training

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    Tips on Budgie Taming/ Training

    My budgie Milly stands on my finger. I'm just wondering how to tame & train her to let her out the cage, any tips?

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    Re: Tips on Budgie Taming/ Training

    You can take your finger and press it a little below the tummy area, and she should step up. Give her the "step up" command. Then put your finger there, and she will step up on your finger. Then give her praise, and let her eat some millet off of the top of a millet sprig. Keep doing this exercise several times a day. Millet is a good treat and reward for good behavior.

    There also is a training called "clicker training". You can find that training on Youtube. Search on Youtube: clicker training for budgies".

    I would leave the cage door open when you would like her to come out of cage. Also, on the top of the cage place a millet sprig, when you want her to come back to her cage. Don't put it there until it is time for her to go back home. Some owners say: Go Home, Milly! (example of a name). Then place the millet sprig on top of the cage and also have one in your hand. Let her eat a little of the one off your hand, and then direct her to the one on top of the cage. Then she is at least back on the top of the cage and you should be able to gently pick her up and put her back in the cage.

    If you can teach her to "go home", it will be so much better for the both of you, because budgies fly very, very fast, and they will be all over your home, on top of the curtain rods, even on top of ceiling fans so be sure and not run them while she is out if you have some. It seems chasing them just is useless because it wears out you and the bird.

    You also can do some training in a small room like a bathroom, or a small bedroom. In a smaller room they do not have as much room to fly around. I doubt with her you will have to, because it is great she is already stepping up on your finger. She will train fast and easy in my view.

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    Re: Tips on Budgie Taming/ Training

    Seems like the budgie already trusts you enough to step onto your finger, but isn't tame enough to come out of her cage on your finger, or at all?

    It seems like she might be scared of coming out of her cage so I would recommend just leaving her cage door open and leaving it there for 1-2 hours, she will get used to it and maybe get curious and come out!

    If that doesn't work, try getting her on your finger and slowly take her out of the cage, making soft noises like "shhh" or "good bird" in a low tone. If she gets closer to the door each day, then give her some millet, it is a good reward for being a good bird, like maxollie said.

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