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Thread: New Female Budgie is Quiet and Male is Loud

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    New Female Budgie is Quiet and Male is Loud

    So I am new to budgies! About three weeks ago my housemate brought home two budgies, a male and female. They got along great, and were always chirping, grooming each other, and hopping around. After a week, my housemate decided to clean the cage-outside. The female flew out and is gone! So, I decided to do the lonely male a favor and get another female budgie. I have a friend who breeds birds, and trusted her to get one for me. She brought it over in a little cardboard box, and I released it into the cage.

    The new female is extremely quiet. I haven't heard her peep once. She is six months old, has very scruffy feathers on the head, and part of her right foot is missing at the toes (not a recent injury...she may have been born that way or had an injury while young). The male is very energetic, and I have the impression that he has a very commanding personality. He is squawking a lot, and trying to befriend the female with much hopping and noise, but she just sits in one place quietly, as if nothing is happening. He tries to groom her and she allows him, and occasionally pecks back. But they just aren't getting along like the last pair was.

    So I'm wondering if they're just a bad match. My question is...should we switch out the female, again? I don't want to traumatize the poor thing. Is this normal? Will they eventually be friends? How long should I wait to find out?

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    Re: New Female Budgie is Quiet and Male is Loud

    Hi, and welcome to the community. It takes a few days for a new budgie to get used to its new home. So far, the male has befriended her and is not being aggressive to the point of pushing her out of the seed cup or water cup, or pecking hard at her. It may take several days for her to adjust. As long as she is eating and drinking and he is just preening her I feel they will become great friends.

    Time and patience are on your side. Being a special needs bird should not be an issue at all. Those birds are so brave and full of courage. If she has trouble navigating the cage place the perches lower in the cage, or get a ladder from a pet shop and place it so she can climb to the top perches,

    You also will find that females are somewhat quieter than males. But they too are full of energy. I have two budgies, Muffin and Marlee. Muffin is 5, and Marlee is 5 months. They are in separate cages. A couple of days ago, I glanced over at them and Marlee was upside down on the inside top of the cage, sleeping!!! . So we never underestimate their behavior. Maybe your new female will be a dare deviless too!

    I hope to see you often here on the forum. Please keep us posted, and post some pics of your little budgies at your convenience.

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