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Thread: Birdy

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    Question Birdy

    Hi guys! I have jut recently adopted a female cockatiel called Birdy. (She had to be surrendered due to the previous owner moving) She's 8 years and well I need to ask for some advice! Birdy seems to be not so friendly right now, and by not so friendly I mean she will maul my hand/fingers etc. I'm going with the theory that she's just a bit scared due to a new owner and all...
    Hopefully you guys can give me some info, I'm rather new to cockatiels haha!

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    Re: Birdy

    Hi, and welcome. Yes, she most likely is afraid because of being in a new environment. Time and patience are on your side. Sit by her cage and talk softly to her. Play soft music on a CD player or radio for her. Eat a snack while sitting by her, and she may eat her seeds when she sees you eating. Get some millet sprigs at the pet shop, and hold your hand far enough away from her to not scare her, and let her eat some millet off the top of the sprig. Having lived in another home for so long, it will take some time for her to adjust, but do not lose heart. She will trust you more as time goes by, and I am comfident she will be your best friend.

    Go to a website called Cockatiel cottage and you will find great information about cockatiels including good foods to feed and foods to never feed them!

    We hope to see you often here on the forum!

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    Re: Birdy

    Hi there and Welcome to the forum. Maxollie gave you great advice.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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