1 banana
2 eggs
Honey (optional; make sure it's bird safe)
Your bird's regular bird seed/pellets (optional)
Crushed egg shells (optional)
Little chopped up pieces of bird safe fruits/veggies (optional)

Step 1: Put banana in a bowl and mash it up really good.
Step 2: Add the eggs and beat them in.
Step 3: If it looks a little bit too liquid-y, add only a little bit more banana at a time until it looks right.
Step 4: Add in any optional ingredients of choice (if you want to)
Step 5: Pour desired amount into pan and cook like normal pancakes (be careful when flipping them though, they can be kind of fragile)

How many pancakes this makes depends on how big you make them.
The best part about these is that you can eat these too if you so desire, as long as you don't add bird seed, pellets and/or crushed egg shells (unless you like eating those for some reason; I won't judge.)

If you would like more tips on making these, just search "2 ingredient pancakes" or "3 ingredient pancakes".