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Thread: budgie treat

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    budgie treat

    I was thinking that Barry and mango might want some change to their normal treat of millet so I was thinking of making some little fruit and honey treats out of their normal seeds mixed with a few cut up raisins and some small bits of carrot and Apple mixed with honey and baking them in small blobs and hanging one in the cage as a treat.
    Does anyone have any ideas whether that sounds to sugary? And also are bananas ok for them because that could be a honey alternative So it is a bit more healthy.

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    Re: budgie treat

    Avoid honey for birds in general. All the store made treats have it, but there is no nutritional value in it. When I want to make my soft foods or treat mixes stick together I use baby foods - the pureed organic type. Just make sure you read the ingredients and make sure there are no additives to preserve that are not good for them. Most organic baby food is very simple...and some pear or apple or carrot or peas or blueberry are naturally sweet but also have nutritional value. I freeze my treats in small blobs on wax paper, then put in a tupperware in freezer once they're frozen solid. That way I can take one out, thaw it and put it in her treat dish for a fresh, healthy treat any time!

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