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Thread: Conure sleep habits

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    Conure sleep habits

    I have a six month old GCC and his name is Finn. We had him in a medium size cage which he did enjoy being in. He ran around and through things, tapped on cups and everything. Now I got him a very large cage with plenty of playing room. I like to spoil my pets... Well he has been sleeping in the top right corner of it. He seems content. Normally before bed in the other cage he would throw a fit. Not in his bigger cage... Should I keep the medium size cage for sleep and the large cage for play? I purchased him a cuddle Hut and used perches from his old cage. He prefers the corner.... Any advice?

    Many said what he's doing is normal. I just worry. I'm bit of a worry wort.

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    Re: Conure sleep habits

    I gave you some of my thoughts on your welcome thread. If it is convenient, I do think letting him sleep in the medium cage at night would be a good idea. It seems he was very secure in that cage at night. You can try the bigger cage at night after you feel he is ready to sleep in it and he has adjusted to the bigger cage.

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    Re: Conure sleep habits

    My daughters conure has a huge cage as well and he usually spends most of his time on the top section of it and sleeps in one corner on a soft perch. He does have a smaller sleep cage but this is only because he sleeps in there room at night because they also have cats and do not want to leave him unintended with the cats out there at night. He sleeps in the very top corner of his sleep cage behind his little birdy hut with his back leaning up against it. Silly birds all do strange things and sleep in even stranger places it seems.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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