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Thread: Agressive Cockatiel!

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    Agressive Cockatiel!

    We have a male who is approximately 8 to 10 years old. The owner had him for arpund 5 years and when they died, a son and daughter-in-law took him in. For 3 years they have not neglected, but basically put him in another room and didn't give him any attention. So they passed Cosmo off to us and we've had him for 2 weeks now. When we brought him home, upon bringing him in the house, we removed the dirty mirror and two big parrot toys, replacing one that was a suitable size. We did leave his favorite toy, he rubs his head on. He screams everytime we come near the cage, but I continue to sit near him and talk/train 15 mins at a time. He has bitten me as I tried to invite him to jump on my finger, but chirps loud when I leave him. I've taught him to say good morning and he says good bird, plus our chihuahua's name Caesar, but not on command or daily. I was gone for the weekend, but my partner was here doing what we do everyday. He got very excited when I came home and chirped a lot. He eats fine and drinks fine, but won't come out of his cage. I don't even think he has ever been out or even knows how to fly, but he was fine with the door open. I understand the controversy about the mirror, so I thought I would clean it and put it back in (about 5 days later). He seems to sit and sleep by it all the time now and may even be more aggressive than before. I want to show him love and touch him, but even after 2 weeks of constant attention, quite times and feeding we doesn't trust us but seems content? Should I remove the mirror? Is 2 weeks just not enough time for him to adopt us? I've read all about cockatiels, talk to him, played different styles of music, finding his favorites, and offered treats even though he refuses. I even move my hand to him, he screams, but if I just stay there and be still he stops screaming. We are consistent in his bedtime 7:30p to 7:30a and will change that once winter kicks in. He's just so sweet and I want to love him and touch him and call him George lol.
    HELP! and thanks for any advice on showing my feather baby how much we love him. Rhonda 💙🐦

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    Re: Agressive Cockatiel!

    Hi, Rhonda. Welcome to the community. I left a post on the other thread you created. I feel the aggression will subside in time. But it will definitely take patience and understanding of the life he has lived through all the years. He is already amazing, to think he is already talking. I have a good feeling he is going to be a great companion.

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