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Thread: What's up with my Canary's eye?

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    Unhappy What's up with my Canary's eye?

    Hi there... I just noticed that my Canary looks like is losing feathers around one of his eyes and it looks like he's got a ring around one of the eyes now... not too sure what it is! Should I be concerned any advice on how to handle such issue? If it is in fact an issue he was molting fine not too sure if this is a part of the molting process.

    Please advise and thank you in advance

    Here is a picture of him for you to see

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    Re: What's up with my Canary's eye?

    Not enough to go by. Take another picture so I can see the whole body. From this photo it could be one of many things, most completely harmless, including and at the top of the list this time of year is actually allergies. When molting the feather dust builds up. Sometimes and actually often, birds from their own molt and feather dust can irritate their own systems, especially sinus, respiratory and eyes. Baths baths baths

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