Hello! I'm a first time poster here!
We recently got a budgie, and after about 3 days she already warmed up to us and even likes to cuddle and sleep in our hands a lot. In fact she's REALLY clingy. We had her on pellets first because that's what the pet store associate recommend us giving to her. When at the pet store I believe our budgie had some sort of colorful pellet and seed mix, though I don't quite remember if that's true.

When she first came here, she ate the pellet from time to time, and she didn't seem picky about it at all. After she's become friendly with us (on about day 3) however, she keeps getting in her food bowl and starts kicking all of the pellet out...She's done this a couple times already. We believe this is mostly due to the fact that we hand fed her some millet since she seemed to warm up to us...
What should we do? she hasn't eaten any of the pellet since probably around yesterday afternoon.