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Thread: New budgie ate pellets at first, but now only kicks them out of food bowl

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    Unhappy New budgie ate pellets at first, but now only kicks them out of food bowl

    Hello! I'm a first time poster here!
    We recently got a budgie, and after about 3 days she already warmed up to us and even likes to cuddle and sleep in our hands a lot. In fact she's REALLY clingy. We had her on pellets first because that's what the pet store associate recommend us giving to her. When at the pet store I believe our budgie had some sort of colorful pellet and seed mix, though I don't quite remember if that's true.

    When she first came here, she ate the pellet from time to time, and she didn't seem picky about it at all. After she's become friendly with us (on about day 3) however, she keeps getting in her food bowl and starts kicking all of the pellet out...She's done this a couple times already. We believe this is mostly due to the fact that we hand fed her some millet since she seemed to warm up to us...
    What should we do? she hasn't eaten any of the pellet since probably around yesterday afternoon.

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    Re: New budgie ate pellets at first, but now only kicks them out of food bowl

    Hi, and welcome to the community. And congrats on bringing home your new budgie. Personally, I would not be concerned about her refusing the pellets. Pellets are man made foods and it is much healthier, in my view, to feed your budgie a great quality seed mix and also then add some fresh veggies and fresh apple pieces to the diet. For many years, budgies only ate a seed diet. About ten years or so ago, pellets were created by man. They are mostly composed of soybeans and corn. A good quality seed mix is Volkman Science parakeet seed. You can buy this seed on Amazon. I've homed budgies for many years, and this seed mix is the best because it has no additives in it, and is very nutritious. My two budgies absolutely love this seed mix. They also like fresh leaf lettuce and cilantro, and small pieces of whole wheat bread. You can also feed rice krispie cereal and grapenuts cereal for treats. The millet can be fed as a treat as well. It does have high fat content so I would only feed it for treats.

    In the wild, budgies and other parrots eat seeds, berries, wild flowers, some wild plants, and other natural foods. My budgies do well with the seeds and fresh foods I mentioned.

    If you cannot get the he Volkman seed, then look for a quality seed with few additives and read all of the ingredients on the sack or box. There are some companies that put way to much filler, salt, sugar and other ingredients that really do not give the birds much nutrition at all.

    I hope this info is of help to you. Pleas stop by often with updates, and we would love to see pics of your new baby too.
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    Re: New budgie ate pellets at first, but now only kicks them out of food bowl

    HI There and welcome to the forum. I agree with Ellen and have to say Volkman seed mixes are awesome mixes for all birds. All my family has birds and every one of them get Volkman seed mixes and it was the only seed mix Boomer would eat. If you want to keep your new bird eating pellets I would recommend what my vet use to recommend for Boomer, a nice even blend of seed mix, pellets and good for them people foods. Put two differant bowls in the cage one with seeds and one with pellets and let them choose what to eat each day and they will eat a little bit of everything. I use to always let Boomer and now my daughters Conure when he comes to visit us eat people food with us when he is out of the cage here. We love having "flock" meals with all the birds that come visit with us here and I think the birds love it as much as we do. Little Boomer was spoiled and he use to get his own plate of food at the table with us but he was potty trained so he did not poop on the table.

    Roudybush is a good pellet and if you send them a email on there web site they send out good sized sample bags for you to try.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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