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Thread: Lovebird chicks HELP

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    Lovebird chicks HELP

    I have been coparenting with my lovebirds - they have 4 chicks age ranging from 8 weeks - 6 weeks

    I'm a little worried because the mother hasn't gone into the nest for the past hour... earlier today the oldest chick (8 weeks) got out of the nest so I had to put him/her back in the nesting box and since the mother has gone in and out of the nesting box

    I'm very new to this and I'm just worried that because she hasn't gone back in in the past hour... Could this be her randomly abandoning the nest? How long do I wait until I step in? How do I feed them?

    Thank you

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    Re: Lovebird chicks HELP

    I wished I could help you but don't really know the right answer. I "think" they may be old enough to go without food longer then a hour a two at 6 weeks but I cannot say for sure. By now since you posted this 4 hours ago hopefully the Mom has got back in there and fed them.
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    Re: Lovebird chicks HELP

    It sounds like the babies are soon going to leave the nest, since one has already crawled out. Are the mom and dad both taking care of them? When she came out of the nest, was the male also out of the nest? Did you see the pair mating while out of nest? Does the dad also help feed them? Was she watching the one that came out, to see what he might do while out of the nest? These are some questions to consider. Personally, I think the babies would be fine for about an hour or so since they are as old as they are. And I would not, at this point in time, think she is abandoning them.

    We have several expert breeders here, and I'm sure they will see your posts and reply soon.

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    Re: Lovebird chicks HELP

    my puddins' dad still feeds them as needed. ma's job is done? make sure dad gets enough.I give him; broc, white bread? for regurge? sunseeds,lunch meat bits? he loves it! good luck!

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