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Thread: Is a conure for me?

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    Question Is a conure for me?

    Good morning,

    I am thinking about creating a small flock after I find a new job. I did an intensive research on which parrot species fits my lifestyle better and I decided that I am compatible with all parrots that do not usually have the tendency of talking and isn't a large parrot. I made that decision because I am deaf and I do not use my voice to speak. I can hear Lou's shrills but I am not comfortable with the idea of not knowing what the bird said if a guest taught it a word or it learned something from TV. I do not want to have the bird to say something offensive and I did not know. So, I narrowed my bird list to; lovebirds, parrotlets, budgies, and cockatiels. My research on bird species is still ongoing. I plan to either adopt/rescue every parrot I own, because I know that there are too many of unwanted parrots that people bought without knowing their needs and noise levels.

    After I rescued Lou, my little mischievous lovebird, I instantly fell in love with him. I looked after a cockatiel before and I knew I will want one in the future. I never took care of a conure but I always see them around and I am unsure about them. I read that they do not normally talk but I understand that some conure species are extremely loud, like a sun conure. I am fine with a noisy bird or birds that would shrill sometimes but not constantly. Although I will not be able to hear a bird's constant screams if I am in other room, I do not want a bird species that would scream all day and give my hearing and non-birdy guests a headache. (I have a very large family who regularly visit each other and most of them are hearing).

    Yes, I am aware that it is more difficult to tame rescued parrots (I have a lot of experience with taming adopted/rescued non-avian pets, this will just expand my skills to parrots). Yes, all parrots will always be out of the cage (separately if needed) when I am home and get plenty of attention. Lastly but not the least, I did my research on each parrot species I mentioned above and I am able to meet their needs. I only want to know if I am compatible with some of conure species.
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    Re: Is a conure for me?

    Suns and Jendey conures are both loud and really active but I do not hear of many of them talking. I have heard that they will flock call but not all the time and I would imagine they would sort of like Lou but a little louder. My daughter has a Pineapple conure and he talks, he actually says about 10 different things clearly and mumbles lots more.

    I admire you for rescuing a bird. There are so many birds that need a second home and it sounds like you would be a great owner to them. My friend works for a huge rescue out of San Francisco and has fostered many of there birds. Sadly they are over whelmed with birds needing a forever home but they are lucky and have lots of fosters to take them all in until they get adopted.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Is a conure for me?

    I dont know.

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    Re: Is a conure for me?

    I had a maroon belly conure for twenty years and she/he talked a little. Frankie had belonged to my friend and displayed aggressive behavior toward her daughter so I took her in. She became my best pal but was also hormonal and would nip me with no provocation. I just became very careful not to put her anywhere near my face because she seemed​ to like to nip my nose or upper lip if I was going to give her a kiss. I refer to her as a female butI never knew her sex. This breed is similar to green-cheek conures. Both are quieter. If I had the money and the time I would definitely be getting another one.

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