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Thread: Moustached Parakeet (Red breasted parakeet)

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    Re: Moustached Parakeet (Red breasted parakeet)

    I would like to be as confident as you are Ellen but I'll do my best

    Yes Deanna, I was sad and angry at the same time because the year before the mother killed (by accident) the only baby that's why I decided for the next brood to handfeed the babies but I was to afraid to take them the first day and when I came the next day to fetch the baby it was already too late.

    I want to give you all good news and nice videos this year.

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    Re: Moustached Parakeet (Red breasted parakeet)

    I have all the confidence in you. And even if it were to not work out, you will not feel like you did not do enough for them, and also, get experience in feeding such tiny, tiny babies. We sure will be looking for updates. I wish for you great success.

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