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Thread: Amazon and German Shepherd puppy

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    Amazon and German Shepherd puppy

    I have a 17 year old blue front male amazon, Kwaxi. Also now have a 15 month old German Shepherd, Adira. Theyve been mostly tolerating each other. However, they are somewhat jealous of my attention so I try to be equitable and it's worked so far. However, recently, when Adira comes in from a walk and I make her stay still so I can wipe her paws, Kwaxi has decided it is the time to lean off his cage (close to the sliding glass doors she uses to come in from the back yard -- our only choice) with beak open and tease her. Then Adira, of course, responds by moving toward him and "herding" him back into cage. I am discouraging this, but am not being real successful. Yesterday I took Kwaxi off cage and put him on top of a chair about 20 ft away during this process. When I returned to place him back on cage, he bit me (not real hard, but enough to draw a bit of blood). So, I am asking for any and all advice about managing both of them. Thanks!

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    Re: Amazon and German Shepherd puppy

    My view is that I as a person and caregiver, must realize that animals are animals and all were created to be predators and can at anytime go after, injure or kill a bird. In the wild, birds live high in the trees and perch there to protect themselves from predators. Dogs and cats have a natural instinct to chase birds. There are many pet owners who have animals and birds in their homes and have success keeping them together. And there also some who have lost their birds.

    My son and family come to visit me with their German Sherpard who is four years old. I keep my two birds in the bedroom in their cages when they come here, because we learned early on that Ellie, the dog, went right up to the cages, and scared the birds, and was sniffing them out.

    So, we can never be 100% sure that a dog will never go after a bird. Caged and tame birds do not have those high trees to fly to when animals suddenly decide to pursue them. They rely on us to protect them.

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