I agree Deanna, I'm so glad I found this forum and found other people with love for birds too, and its definitely a bonus to learn about everyone from all over the world too!

I love your holiday spirit Ellen!

Thats interesting Muhammad, I hear that so many people from all over the world from so many different cultures live in places like Kuwait, as well as Dubai too. Whats your original nationality? I saw in another thread here you mentioned living in Canada too, where you had to say goodbye to one of your beloved birds, I imagine thats was a completely different climate than where you are now. That is fair enough, that you would be used to the weather now from being there for awhile, I suppose like birdies we end up adjusting too.

Stephane I wish you the best of luck in the bird show, I think I am a little late to the forums and the show has finished or in the 2nd day already, and hopefully if you are loving your birds too much that you didnt sell too many. That is so sweet that you really care for them and dont want to let them go yet. Maybe it would be easier if you knew the person who was taking them and that they were going to take very good care of them. I agree with Deanna, if some babied popped up here from mine, I would not be able to let go of them either. Knowing that they are from my own baby birdies, and look like them or a little like them, it would definitely be so hard. the expensive price is a good idea, like Deanna says it might make them take very good care of them.