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Thread: Questions about my conures

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    Questions about my conures

    So I have two conures, a green cheek (Skye Hawke) and a sun conure (Sunny, I know, original). We also keep Sunbeam and Moondrop (budgies) in the cage as well. It's a massive cage. I guess my problem I get so many different recommendations from stores and online for bird dietary needs, I'm not sure what I should be sticking too. They eat apples, a seed mix with pellets, and some dried fruit for treats.

    What is the best possible things I can feed my birds?

    Also, when we take sunny out, all she wants to do is eat my hair and fingers. Is this normal? Sunny also squawks at running water. Dishwasher and the sink are apparently her worst enemy 🙄. I've tried showing sunny that it's just a sink, but sunny just yells at it some more. Sunny doesn't squawk a whole lot outside of that.

    We bought sunny from a pet store, who bought it from a breeder who hand fed it. But we noticed some of her tail feathers didn't look right. It's been a few months and they are getting better, but does it normally take that long?

    Last question. Sunny really doesn't play with us. Like I said before, she just wants to nibble me everywhere. Is that ok?

    Sorry for the billion questions. I want to take the best care I can of these birds, My wife sometimes wants to throw in the towel, so at this point I'm trying to help everyone regain their sanity.😖


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    Re: Questions about my conures

    Hi, and welcome to the community. I've never homed conures, so will let our conure members answer your questions. We love pics, so post some at your convenience!

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    Re: Questions about my conures

    My daughter has a pineapple green cheek so not a sun conure but Tikki her conure also loves to preen, or chew our hair. He will also try to wrap it all around him and if he is successful he will fall asleep in his ball of hair he has around him. Our lovebird use to chew our hair a little bit but nothing like Tikki so maybe it is a conure thing. They are very busy little birds it seems but then you probably already know that. I am a little surprised he does not like water, does your Green Cheek? Tikki loves water and you cant keep him out of the faucet water whenever you turn it on. Lots of birds do not like to play with people and would rather "preen" your body and chew on your hair. Have you tried playing with him with a bell in your fingers? Birds do love bells usually and love to bat them to hear them ring. You can also get some of those old fashioned "finger traps" that are made out of paper and put one end on your finger and shake it at your bird. Little shredder toys are a hit with all the birds in my extended family.

    I would try to serve your birds a little fruit and veggies everyday. You can use frozen veggies and just heat them up with hot water and then dry them off and put them in there cage. Peas and corn are Tikki's favorite. He also loves to eat fruits, his favorite is blue berries and oranges but he eats all kinds of fresh fruits and veggies. You can get a small bowl and put a little bit of fresh food in it and hold it and see if they will eat it out of your hand. Its the trick to get Tikki to try anything. Or just hold it in your fingers and offer them a piece of food. As long as they are eating there seed mix with pellets and dried fruit that is not too bad but if you can convince them to try other fruits and veggies that would be better. You have to cut them differently and serve them differently until they finally decide they like it. I know hand feeding them here is the only way the birds eat it here for the first time.

    When I daughter first got Tikki he was maybe 7 months old and his tail feathers were really tattered up and they stayed that way until he molted them out about 4 months later.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Questions about my conures

    I personally would not house these different species together, the sun is significantly bigger than the others, it could kill your other birds. Are all your birds coming out and are tame? Asking because it takes time, some don't know how to play and I don't know exactly what your expectations are. I have two GCC and a cockatiel which have a little different diet. I feed mash in the morning, for the cockatiel I mix seeds in (I make my own mix) and he gets a pellet berry. My conures get mash in the morning with fruit or vegetables, sometimes oatmeal with fruit juice and fruit. In the evening I give them some of what we are eating, cooked or steamed veggies etc. I put nuts like walnuts, cashews, pistacchios , macademia etc. I hang some fruit or veggie slices on a skewer and my cockatiel likes fresh greens wet and hang up. I use Harrisons pellets but like the seeds use sparingly for the conures.

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    Re: Questions about my conures

    Not a sun conure, but my indian ringneck also LOVES to preen my hair and my ears, and two of my cockatiels have also liked preening hair, particularly my eyebrows. I don't think it is uncommon among parrots! And yes the tail feathers can take ages - till at least the next moult where they come out and regrow

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