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Thread: Male trying to take over the nest after first hatch I DONT KNOw WHAT To DO

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    Question Male trying to take over the nest after first hatch I DONT KNOw WHAT To DO

    My cockatiel had her first egg hatched a day ago. The first night the male was trying to stay in the nest I guess he is laying on the eggs and it was a big fight between them I had to help the female get in her nest. Note: my birds free fly in the house.
    Today which is the second day, the female went out to eat and bath he stayed in the nest all day with the chic and it was fine but when the female wanted to go back to the nest the male was super aggressive not letting her in I had to distract him so she sneak in, he stayed away quite for couple of hours then got in the nest box and they had a bad fight inside the nest box!! and I don't think he was feeding the chic coz the chics squeek while being fed and it was quite all day. I don't feel it's safe to leave them coz he is stronger and he can stay in without feeding the chic and tomorrow the second is too please advice what to do and what's that what's going on with him?

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    Re: Male trying to take over the nest after first hatch I DONT KNOw WHAT To DO

    I wished I had some good advice for you but I don't. I hope someone else on here can help you out so you can make sure the little baby is getting fed.
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    Re: Male trying to take over the nest after first hatch I DONT KNOw WHAT To DO

    Hi, and welcome to the community. My advice is to call an Avian vet in your area, and explain what is happening. If you do not have an Avian, which is a vet that treats only birds, then call a regular vet. They hopefully will have an answer for you.

    Generally, the pair take turns and both care for the babies. If this is their first time with babies, it appears to me that the male is being very dominant over the nest and chicks, and also the female. It is common, that on occasion, a very young and inexperienced pair, will have these type of issues. You nay have to handfeed the baby, so go on YouTube, and search for handfeeding baby cockatiels.
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