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Thread: 1.5 year old male cockatiel who is still very quiet

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    1.5 year old male cockatiel who is still very quiet

    I adopted a male pearl cockatiel from a breeder in the area last year in February. When I got there he flew into my coat and snuggled up by my neck. He settled at home rather quickly and would contact call frequently.

    Fast forward to today, he's 1.5 years old, will contact call when I'm not in the room but nearby in another room or occasionally when he's with me on my shoulder. But if I'm in the room reading or gaming or even cleaning, he's completely silent. Not a chirp, or a whistle. To this day he has not repeated any whistles or sounds we've exposed him to and attempted to teach him.

    He is still afraid of fingers and will often warning lunge at them but will still step up without much issue. I've been able to give him head scratches twice and that was when he was too tired to really fly off.

    Thoughts? Advice?

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    Re: 1.5 year old male cockatiel who is still very quiet

    Hi, and welcome! Did you ever have a DNA test on your bird? It is possible you have a girl, rather than a boy. Females are quiet and more docile. They do not make much noise at all. Generally,, they do not talk, mimic sounds, whistle tunes or wolf whistle. Males are more active. And they do sing, talk, etc.

    All birds have their own personality. Perhaps he or she is just content to be quiet. As to the biting, even the most tame bird, will bite on occasion.

    I would not be concerned about this behavior, as long as he is eating and drinking, and does not show signs of illness. I hope this info is of help to you!!

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    Re: 1.5 year old male cockatiel who is still very quiet

    Welcome Does your bird still have his pearling? If he does, he may in fact be a female. A male will gradually lose his pearled feathers with successive molts until he becomes solid-colored.

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