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Thread: Hard time taming a Rosey Bourkes?

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    Hard time taming a Rosey Bourkes?

    Maybe two or three weeks ago, I got a Bourke's from someone, I was told that they generally left her alone and didn't touch her. When the person gave her to me (Peach), she was crying. I took her in my car in her carrier, and covered her up. Whenever she could see me, she'd start to cry. When I got her home, I put her in a separate cage for a couple of days, but she cried immediately upon me entering the room. So I tried putting her with my plum-headed, and she cries a lot less now. I was told that she was about eleven months, and from a breeder. I don't believe she was tamed very well, as she cries literally at the sight of anyone. I had to take her out, to clip her wings, and she doesn't neccesarily bite too much, but she will. Believe me, it HURTS. None of my birds bite as hard as her. I've started to try to take her out, at first I would kind of just cup her in my hand and take her out, and she'd cry the whole time, but once I sat down with her she calmed down and stopped crying. She only cried whenever I moved. One day, she flopped out, and ended up on the floor, and I got her to come up on my finger, (while she was crying). Since then, I've been teaching her to get on my finger. She still cries, but she's a lot more calm on my finger. I'm not sure what to do with her, or how to stop her from crying. She's still young, but she cries so so much. I'm not sure if they abused her. But that's what I've been thinking. I've also noticed that she has a hard time holding on to her perches. I put her on a perch right from my hand, and she literally held onto it for a second and then flopped off onto the ground by accident. She tends to do that a lot, just doing her own thing in her cage. Any help, any ideas? This is a video of what she does: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRqpiARpwCw
    Thank you <3

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    Re: Hard time taming a Rosey Bourkes?

    Hi, Ivy, and welcome to the community. That sound is a "baby bird" sound. Generally they make that sound when they are first hatched, and are hungry. However, some continue making the sound even when they get older. My thought is that maybe the breeder hand fed her. A hand fed bird craves the feeling of being held and human touch, because they have been socialized at a very young age to feel human touch, and as a result they have separation anxiety when they cannot be with the caregiver all the time.

    Perhaps the last owner did not take the time to spend with her, and as a result, she has felt very alone after leaving the breeder for her last home before you got her. I think in time she will stop this sound. I've seen some who are up to 3-4 months old before they quit. Some continue for longer like she is doing. I am speaking of other parrots like budgies, lovebirds, and cockatiels, and a normal parakeet. I do not know the behavior of Roseys. Google...behavior of Rosie Bourke's. That should give you websites that have info.

    I would suggest getting some millet sprigs to use for training. Also, a unsharpened pencil will work for a small perch, place the pencil right above her feet in the tummy area. Gently press the pencil into her tummy area and tell her to step up. When she steps up on the pencil, praise her and let her eat some millet off the top of the millet sprig. You also can go to YouTube, and search...training Rosey Bourke parakeets, or training parakeets and budgies.

    Time and patience are on your side. I think she will be just fine. I admire you for bringing her into your home. She is so delicate and beautiful. I think being with your other bird will also help her to not feel so alone.

    It is possible she never had much exercise or was not allowed out of cage to fly. As a result, her little feet are not very strong, that is probably why she has trouble perching. Are you feeding her seeds or pellets. If you are feeding seeds only, get a small bottle of birdy vitamins at the petshop, and put a few drops, mixed in her seed cup about once every ten days. Do not put vitamins in the water. They can go rancid and make her sick. Also, introduce some fresh veggies and fruits to her. Chop them up fine. Put some in a separate food cup, and sprinkle some seeds over the top and let her eat them. Also, offer her to eat some out. of your hand. And YES, bird bites do hurt...for sure!!!
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