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Thread: How do you do from 3 lovebird feeding to 2?

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    How do you do from 3 lovebird feeding to 2?

    So guy i reeeeaaaly need your held so I've recently done A huge mistake.

    So I've been wanting a baby lovebird for over say maybe a year now and to be specific I wanted an unweaned lovebird that I can hand feed and so for a hole year I've read and done every thing I needed to to get a lovebird and about a couple days ago I though I was ready to get one and I did and it went smooth for the first couple of days and then as my lovebird neared 5 weeks old a thought occurred to me

    " ok so I know that a 4 week old lovebird is fed 3 time a day and a 5 week old lovebird is fed 2 things a day ever 12 hours , but how do I turn 3 feedings a day to 2? Is there a procedure I need to follow?"

    Please answer if you know !!!!

    I already know every single thing there is except this ,so please If you do know pleas answer.

    I'm really afraid for the sake of my baby😭😭😭😭😢😓😭😭

    And I already thought about returning it to the breader and I told my parents and there cliche answer was "you should take responsibility for your own actions " so please who ever knows how, can you please tell me?

    Not for my sake but the sake of my baby

    Again I already know every thing there is to know except that

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    Re: How do you do from 3 lovebird feeding to 2?

    Your best approach is to just take one day at a time. Every bird is different in their food needs, so you cannot take the info you read and apply those recommendations to him 100%. You may have to vary the schedule somewhat. You need to get a food scale and weigh your baby every single morning before you feed him or her. He needs to hold his weight, and be gaining weight every few days, if only a little at a time. He is still very young, so in my view you need to keep up the schedule you have now for awhile longer. When you do decide to eliminate a feeding, it has to be done gradually. You begin by decreasing, a small amount at a time, of the formula you are feeding at that time.

    For example, say it is the noon feeding. Feed a small amount less and see if he is going to be content until the next feeding. You also need to look at his crop to be sure it does not empty out too fast. Do this for a day or so. Then reduce the amount again, observing whether he can go until next feeding, or will be crying to eat early. It may take a week or more to eliminate this feeding. I would suggest you get some millet sprigs or seeds at the pet shop, and in between the feeding, take a few seeds, put them in the palm of your hand, and begin feeding him just a few. Then, when that feeding is eliminated, the seeds will be the substitute for the formula.

    He is old enough now to begin eating the millet, and in another couple of weeks you should be able to introduce some fresh veggies, chopped very fine, and also some lovebird seed from the pet shop. I would not feed him pellets now. He is way too young. Feed seeds only with the millet seed too, and the fresh veggies. Tiny pieces of whole wheat bread will be good as well.

    Be confident when you have him on this schedule. Birds pick up on our concerns and worry about them, so be as calm as possible. I hope this info is of help to you.
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    Re: How do you do from 3 lovebird feeding to 2?

    I would call the breeder and ask them but just do not tell your Mom. I know that bads for me to say but it least you would get a good answer from the breeder. Ellen also gave you great advice as well.

    Please let us know how you baby does, I am sure you will figure it out and keep your baby nice and happy.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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