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Thread: The perch is apparently offensive

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    The perch is apparently offensive

    Hey everyone so I got a whole new flavor of weird with my feather baby. I don't know if it's normal or shes going insane like her mom so here goes:

    Everyday she will run on the ground and forage around which is quite normal in general. Tears up the paper, eat the treats in between and everything that goes along with it. I thought it would be cool and fun to turn the whole cage floor into a foraging ground for her. So the weird part comes in where occasionally I would hear a hiss. I was a little lost at the start about where does this noise come from until I was watching her one day and saw it's her who is hissing. She forages and nothing is wrong but at the randomest moments she would look up at the perch or at something else and just hiss. It's entirely random and she isn't threatened or upset because she just goes right back to what she was doing. I don't know is she is training for an unknown combat or anything, but it's weird. It can't be inside or outside the cage because I completely bird proofed the room. The only thing wrong with the room is that she can get between a small gap between the wall and the cupboard, but she rarely goes there. There is not a thing I can make out that could account for this hissing. Any idea's/thoughts/comments/ other fids that does that?

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    Re: The perch is apparently offensive

    Hens do hiss, and my thought is that it is something hormonal, maybe even related to egg laying. One hen tiel that I had, laid eggs often. She had a regular ritual where she would get to the bottom of the cage, pretend she was nesting, without eggs, sometimes hiss, if I came too close to the cage, and then take her grapenuts and cherrio treats, and line them up in a a straight line, on the far end of the cage floor. Within a couple of days, she would perch, as though a male had mounted her back, like they do when a pair mates, and then within a few days, she would lay eggs.

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    Re: The perch is apparently offensive

    Hi ice tiger, i'm new here. I've had a female tiel for about two years, and now I have a male in separate cages. I'm finding that cockatiels are so very interesting. its hard to figure out what they may want or need. I say , just watch them and you can figure it out. They are the most interesting birds. The female, Cheeky, I got when I went into the pet store, grrr, I know. to get my parakeet some food. I saw cheeky, 9 months old at the time. all alone in a cage looking pitiful. so I bought her. I have learned so much about tiels. then comes Monty, who is older and has made it ' with the ladies' before. some day i'd like to put them together, but that will be a long time coming.
    Nice to meet everyone here and read your stories. thank you.

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