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Thread: Bird Room: Canaries and Quakers?

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    Bird Room: Canaries and Quakers?

    I'm in search of opinions on mixing bird species in one room.

    I currently have 8 canaries and 1 quaker parrot. The canaries are in the warmest and sunniest room in our flat, while the quaker is next door, in a shady, cooler room. Quakers are supposedly able to withstand cooler temps, but I'd rather he join my other birds in the warm room. My quaker lost his mate in February, so I'd also like to know that he's not lonely while I'm away from home (I'm not ready to get a companion for him).

    They hear each others noises through a door that separates the room and sometimes I take him in the canary room. He is curious and maybe a little fearful of the canaries, but the canaries seem only a little curious and nothing more.

    I also feel that he would get better and more consistent rest if he shared the canary sleeping schedule (sunset to sunrise). Or at the very least, he could share the room with the canaries only when I was away from home.

    All opinions and personal experiences are welcome! Thank you!
    Narco (m) Nemo (f)

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    Omar Younis
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    Re: Bird Room: Canaries and Quakers?

    Id say it probably would not be a good idea as the Quaker could easily harm the canaries whether its on purpose or an accident on his part. Mixing bird species should be done very, very carefully if it cannot be avoided.

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    Re: Bird Room: Canaries and Quakers?

    Are they caged? If so - then I'd say OK. But i wouldn't leave them loose and unsupervised

    Thanks Lee for the adorable sig!

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