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Thread: My budgie won't eat his new seed?

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    My budgie won't eat his new seed?

    Before I start, here is some basic info:

    For the past month and a half, I have been trying to convert my budgies over to pellets, but so far I have gotten little indication that they are going to cooperate. One of the budiges, Oscar, will eat them in small amounts if I crunch them into tiny little crumbs and hand feed him, the other won't even touch them. When I put the pellets in the bowl,crunched up like Oscar likes, he won't eat them. I have also tried fruits and veggies, but neither of them will take to it. I'm still actively trying though.

    So now to my current dilemma. I recently ran out of the seeds that they have been eating, so I went to Petco to get more. Unfortunately, they do not carry the seeds that they were previously eating and I had to choose something else. This new food has some of the seeds the other brand did, but also has quite a few different ones. Oscar seems to be adjusting to it just fine, but the other, Beau, wont eat much of it. He picks out the things he likes and leaves the rest alone. At this point in time, I cannot afford to go out and buy another bag of seed( I get paid on Friday). I'm worried that Beau is going to starve in that time. His average weight is 1.1 ounces, but when I weighed him today he was only .7 ounces. I put some extra millet in the cage, because I know that it's something he'll eat, though it's not a very healthy alternative. Is there any way I can get him to eat the seed?

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    Re: My budgie won't eat his new seed?

    Hi! Personally, I feel you are going to have better health for them if you feed seeds and fresh veggies and perhaps try sliced or chopped apples in fine pieces. My budgies love fresh leaf lettuce, cilantro, and small whole wheat bread pieces. Do not feed them any cabbage family veggies, especially broccoli or kale. This family of veggies have a phyto chemical in them that can cause esophageal tumors in budgies

    Over the last several years, Vets and others were pushing pellets for birds, but in time, owners and caregivers are finding that seeds and fresh foods are much healthier for budgies and all parrots. Being so small, budgies need tons of water each day for their bodies to accommodate pellets, because pellets are man made foods, and are not natural like the seeds all budgies eat in the wild. And budgies do not consume that much water each day.

    There are many articles written here on the forum about the pros and cons of pellets. On the home page, to the right top, do a search for...feeding pellets, or feeding pellets to budgies, cockatiels and other parrots. There is one organic pellet that does not have corn and soybeans in it. And has all organic ingredients. The name is Totally Organic/Tops and you can get it on Amazon.

    There is an excellent seed mix on Amazon called Volkman Science for parakeets and budgies that is can awesome seed mix. It has no additives or fillers in it. It is outstanding. It is rather pricey though.

    I've homed budgies for years. You can go to Walmart, and find Wild Harvest daily blend for budgies. I've fed that seed for several years. My birds love it, and it is reasonably priced. I would feed the millet seeds to your birds by mixing it in the seed cup with the new seed you got. And also, put a separate cup with just millet seed in the cage, and hang a sprig of it in the cage too. The millet is great nutrition and will not hurt them. That will keep them eating until you can pick up the Walmart seed, or if you prefer the pellets. That is your decision to make. If it were me, I would feed seeds and forego pellets. I hope thiscinfo is of help to you.
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