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Thread: Meyer's vs Cockatiel.

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    Question Meyer's vs Cockatiel.

    They may seem like very different birds, but these are the two I have narrowed my search down to.
    I like the idea of having a more robust, stereotypical parrot shaped bird that the Meyer's possesses while still being a fairly small size.
    but I would want my bird to be affectionate and interactive, I know cockatiels are easy going birds but my boyfriend suffers from asthma and we are yet to find out wether he is badly affected.

    I want to know what everyones opinions are on these two species. Which is Louder? More interactive? Friendly? Makes a better companion?
    I also considered Senegal but heard they are more likely to bond to just one person, I would not mind being my birds favourite person but at the same time I do not want a bird that would be nasty to other people especially my boyfriend.

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    Re: Meyer's vs Cockatiel.

    Hi, I am not familiar with Meyer's parrots as I live in Australia and they are very rare here due to importation laws. However I am very familiar with cockatiels and they make great pets and I think they cope very well with multi-person households. Everyone's asthma is different, but you can possibly improve the situation by vacuuming/sweeping often, changing the cage papers daily, and either daily misting or showering with your bird. I find this reduces my tiels dust a lot. However my indian ringneck still moults less and creates less dust.

    I think either way if you get a hand raised one and socialise it well you will have a friendly, loyal companion.

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