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Thread: am I able to listen to music while me and my budgies go to sleep?

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    am I able to listen to music while me and my budgies go to sleep?

    I just got my beautiful birdies today and I don't want to keep them up all night with my music I need to fall asleep. Also, do birds need beds? Or do the sleep on their perches? I'm very concerned if my habits are interutping my babies sleep.. Thank you to anyone who replies!!

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    Re: am I able to listen to music while me and my budgies go to sleep?

    Hi, and congrats on your new babies. Do you have swings for them? You can purchase them at a pet shop, or retail store. My budgies sleep on their swings. Also, they will sleep on the perches if you do not have swings. I would not, however, get the happy huts or tents that you see in stores. If you were to have a female, they love to use the huts or tents for nesting. You do not want to get the hen started to laying eggs, so do not ever put them or any nest or nest box in the cage.

    Budgies LOVE music. At night, cover the cage with a light weight blanket or sheet. The music will not bother them at all. They will sleep together on the perch. And in the daytime they need not be covered unless your air conditioner is causing too much cool air around them, or a draft. If so, cover them with the light blanket or sheet, three sides, with the front side open.
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