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Thread: My whiteface male cockatiel had for 3 months

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    My whiteface male cockatiel had for 3 months

    Hello Anyone with a whiteface cockatiel

    I had my whiteface cockatiel now for 3 months such a beautiful male bird love him so much my only concern is like I said had him for 3 months but he's so calm he never plays with his toys he's scared of swinging if I put him on his playground he'll stay there until I come back he's vocal he eats and drinks good but my concern is he's just so calm and quiet for a bird I have a English budgie with him a bit smaller and bully's him sometimes I see them kissing but sometimes if they're eating millet the budgie bullies him and he'll just flight rather than fight. Also one incident happens when I had him for just a month and a half I took him outside thinking his wings are clipped but I startled him and he flew three houses down the street I was so worried I thought I lost him I kept calling for his name and he was able to come back to our house and I always thought he still doesn't like me until now if I put my finger in his cage he wont step up he'll ran but thank god imfogured that he steps up with a stick it's so easy to take him out from his cage also he knows how to step up if he's out of the cage. Please help why is he so calm is this normal?

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    Re: My whiteface male cockatiel had for 3 months

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. My thought is, that if the two are caged together, give each their own cage, and let each fly free in your home separately, perhaps an hour at a time. That time is not set in stone, so you can decide how long.

    To be very honest, tiels are intimidated by budgies, because they can be little rascals around tiels. As you know, they can be bullies, and also, cause a tiel to become frightened and introverted. I believe if you start spending time with them separately, and give your tiel lots of attention, keeping the budgie in his cage across the room, or at a distance, your tiel will begin to feel more relaxed and not be so quiet. Time and patience are on your side.

    There are some tiels that are more quiet than others. But in your case, I think the budgie is causing your tiel's stress. I hope this info will be of help to you. We will watch for updates.

    I am so happy you got him back after he flew out of your home. Many owners who have this happen never find their birds!
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    Re: My whiteface male cockatiel had for 3 months

    You are very lucky he came back home when he flew away.

    Ellen gave you great advice which I never would of thought about but it makes sense now that she said it. Hopefully it works and he will become vocal and actually play.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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