Hi everyone, its my first time posting in another forum instead of the lovebird forum.

Recently my partner and I acquired an Indian ringneck bird. From what I know, he is about 10 years old, he is not tamed, and his previous owners did not want him anymore because they think he killed their female Indian ringneck. They were going to give him to the RSPCA (an animal charity in Australia) but my partner got him instead. I wasn't too happy about this at first, to be honest, as I've had my hands full with my lovebirds and do not want to take away my quality of care from them and be distracted as well as the fact that the house is really small and also because he is a bigger bird I was a little frightened for my small lovebirds too as they are very smart at escaping their cages, so at first the ringneck stayed at my partner's parents house but he was so upset about not seeing him all the time that we agreed he could be here, so the ringneck being at his parents was kind of like the quarantine period as well.

My partner named him Socrates, and he is kind of aggressive, but I understand this isn't his fault as he isn't used to humans, as he was an outdoor aviary bird, I think the previous owners made a mistake in putting the two birds together without introducing them, and perhaps they didn't like each other. They also didn't actually see anything happen they went out and came home to find their female died, so its possible socrates was defending himself. He also wasn't treated nicely as after they found the dead female, they stopped caring about him and would just go put his food in his aviary and leave him and would call him mean names when he would make noises. This is what I have heard.

We have had him for about a month now I think, he's doing well, he eats a lot, especially his vegetables, he loves corn on the cob, but with seeds he only seems to like sunflower, and with his age, it seems hard to get him to try to eat other seeds. It's hard to change his food and water bowls due to his aggressiveness, however I think its mostly bluffing, he will growl and growl and act like he wants to bite but he never goes as far as biting, but to be on the safe side when I need to change him I usually wear a glove, as I do with two of my other lovebirds in which one is a biter lol.

I think he's become part of my lovebird flock too because when we take them out of their room to clean it, he's usually the first to be wheeled into the lounge room and he starts calling out for everyone and they reply lol and the same thing too if we take one or two of the lovebirds out for playtime he starts looking around and calling for them. Since we acquired him I've put locks on all doors of all cages so now no one can escape and no needing to worry about it either and they all get playtime outside of their cages regularly in seperate groups.

I was wondering regarding Indian ringneck behaviour, what does it mean when he twists his head / neck around a lot? The pet store around here said it means his nervous, is that true? He tends to do it when I'm going to change his food and water and I have a glove on, or when his blanket goes on his cage at nighttime or sometimes he just does it randomly.

And does anyone here have reference lists of their sounds and meanings? I understand that all birds make their own unique sounds but sometimes there are similarities which I've found to be true with lovebirds, like their sounds for daytime napping are really similar even though the voices are a little different. Socrates makes a screaming sound every morning when we raise the curtains to let the light in. And throughout the day he will sometimes make that sound (almost like "waw waw waw) and sometimes there is a sound he makes which almost sounds like a cross between laughing and a monkey.

I've attached photos as follows:


Any information is appreciated I've heard ringnecks make wonderful companions, I'm not sure if its too late to tame him as he's already 10 years old, but even if not, he will be looked aftered.

Thanks everyone! Sorry for the long post!