Aww poor little Ashy! Socrates had the same thing, his tail was really long and my partner was even commenting on how long it was getting previously, but now with the moulting he has pulled most of the tail feathers out and its small again, and he looks even smaller himself poor little thing! Sammy I think you are right maybe it is the climate. It has definitely been unseasonably hot where I am, when usually its pretty mild and cooler.

Ringnecks must really cop the moulting more than other birds! I hope it doesnt last too long.

Thanks Deanna for the recommendations! I remember you mentioning the red palm oil previously in some other threads too. We have been regularly bathing socrates to help relieve him a bit as he must feel uncomfortable and itchy with all this moulting and new feathers growing. I'll have to look for this red palm oil though.