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Thread: New lovebird

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    New lovebird

    I just rehomed a lovebird. He was kept in a cage all the time. The previous owner was 90 yrs old and did not socialize him very much. How can I get my bird to socialize with me? I have had birds before but this little guy is a challenge. He tries to nip at my fingers when I try to take him out of the cage. He hates to go back in his cage. He stays in the same room with me all day long. He seems pretty content. Eats like a pig! Chirps most of the time. Loves his baths. I get attached to animals very quickly. I'd love some help in getting him to socialize. Thanks. My name is Tim I'm 68 yrs old disabled

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    Re: New lovebird

    Hi, Tim, and welcome to the community. I admire you totally for taking this little lovebird into your home. I think he is doing really well already. All birds are afraid of hands, and it takes time for them to trust you. I would not force him out of his cage, but open the cage door and let him come out on his own. Place a plate of some fresh chopped veggies, leaf lettuce, and any seeds he likes on the outside top of his cage. That will perk his interest snd he will come out of the cage. Get a butterfly net and use to catch him when he is out of cage. It will not hurt him, and be easier for you, rather than having to chase him. Get some millet sprigs at the pet shop. Use one of the sprigs as a training tool. Reach your arm out with the millet sprig in your hand, holding the millet at the bottom and keeping your hand away from him, but let him eat the millet off the top of the sprig. Talk softly to him while he is eating the millet and tell him he is a good boy. Practice this exercise every day. Soon, he will trust you.

    We have several lovebird members, and I am hopeful they will answer your post and share their thoughts as well, including the biting problem.
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    Re: New lovebird

    Welcome to the forum. Thank you taking this guy home and hopefully in time he will accept you. Talk to him all the time so he knows you are his friend.

    Ellen gave you great advise. The spray millet will also get him back in the cage when its time to go back in it. I would also hand feed it the millet to get him use to your hands close to him. Boomer would go crazy over millet and we used it often to bribe him into doing most things. Loves are stubborn little birds so give him time and hopefully he will become your little buddy.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: New lovebird

    A good wish for your new lovebird! Give them much time , all the best

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