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Thread: HELP! Beloved Conure is sick!

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    HELP! Beloved Conure is sick!

    Hello again. My Green cheek conure Zazu has come down with something this after noon. He was fine all morning when he ate his breakfast and was riding around the house on my shoulder. I was doing my dishes and he was sitting on the table when he regurgitated/threw up 3 times in a row. It was brown and liquidy. The brownish color is probably from the food I feed him. I have been frantically trying to get in contact with my vet but I haven't had any luck. I also tried to call a vet that is a couple hours away from us and he is out of town! My poor baby doesn't feel good at all and continues to eat a little and then regurgitate. However his droppings look normal. I'm thinking Mable he has a infection in his croup? Any ideas about what I could do to help him until I can get him into a vet Monday?? Thank you all in advance!

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    Re: HELP! Beloved Conure is sick!

    Hi. I am so sorry this happened. What foods was he eating? Your main goal now is to keep him warm until you can get him to the vet, and try giving him water, to keep him from dehydrating. If you are in a warm climate, then you would not want to use a heating pad, but instead cover the cage with a light weight blanket or sheet over the cage, three sides with front side open in daytime and all four sides covered at night, and keep him away from drafts.

    Is there any toy in the cage he could have chewed on and swallowed something sharp, or anything else that caused him to throw up, besides the seeds and foods he was eating?

    Have you fed anything new to him lately? Do you have any emergency animal/bird hospitals that are 24 hour care/7 days a week? That you could take him to right now?
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    Re: HELP! Beloved Conure is sick!

    I am hoping you found a vet for your Zazu and really hope hehe is feeling better. Truly I feel just awful for you because I know how scary it is to see them throw up. Maxollie gave great advice to keep him warm until you find a vet.

    My thoughts are with you and Zazu.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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