Thanks Stephane. I always thought it was the towels. At first it was the happy huts (hammocks) which started this mating and egg laying problem in the first place, but once we took that away, they stopped and were back to their usual selves, but all of a sudden Ashu began to notice the towel more, and started to become protective of it and they started sleeping in the towel. Then as the weather began to get more cold, it made her want to lay eggs. We change the towels everyday. I feel like we are stupid for putting towels. It only started because of Asha falling in the past, and we got concerned with the ones in bigger cages and them falling even though it hasn't happened.

They get blanketed at 4:30 now and are in full darkness by about 5:15. Sunset here is at 4:50 in the afternoon anyway. They usually wake up around 5 something in the morning now but chirp softly, and they dont get blankets removed until after 8:00, because of the cold weather and to make them know that it is winter and not egg laying time.

The eggs are infertile because they are two girls. My last resort is to separate them permanently, but it will break my heart to do this because they are really close to each other, and are the only two that do not fight and they are not mean to each other. The other pairs are always mean to their friend, even when they are bonded to each other.

Today Ashu laid another egg. It was overnight because it was there this morning when they were uncovered. As Ellen mentioned previously, I think she is replacing the ones we removed. So far, its been 4 eggs in the last month. I think if she lays again, we have to leave it there for her to lay her clutch and wait for her to abandon them. I just do not want Asha to also lay eggs and be encouraged and for them to lose strength or have issues with egg binding. They are strong girls though but I am still worried about them. I love all the birds, but these two are really special. They were disadvantaged from the start and we did everything to make sure they were happy and included in all birdie activities, especially Asha when she could not fly.

Two days ago we transferred them to a larger cage as planned. But it didn't distract them. They were trying to mate again after a few hours.

We put a heater in the doorway of their room during the day (only when at home off course) but it is on low heat so it's just enough to make sure they are not frozen as we are getting -1 degree mornings now.