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Thread: Help! Found a lovebird and I need some advice

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    Help! Found a lovebird and I need some advice

    Hello there!

    I have been an anonymous user of tailfeathers for tips on caring for my lovebird Coco!

    Yesterday I put Coco outside on the patio to enjoy some sunshine while I was cooking when he got a surprise visitor! A little lovebird landed on top of his cage and the two were chatting away! I went out there and the stray bird was not scared of me, in fact I was able to catch it with a soft towel and place it in one of Coco's old cages. Now I'm a little confused because the bird was not afraid of me so I figured that it must be used to people, but when I placed it inside of the cage it really started to panic! I had to put a towel over the cage to help it calm down. What do you guys think of this behavior?

    Another question for you. My gut is telling me that this lost bird could be a baby! I'm not 100% sure but it is a bit smaller than my 2 year old LB Coco, and its tail and flight feathers seem rather small. Its chirp is also considerably quieter than Coco's! Not sure if this helps but the little things chest and rump were rather dirty and it seems to be missing some feathers near its vent.

    I have been in contact with several animal welfare agencies in the area and none of them have any reports of a missing lovebird.
    I apologize for the lengthy post
    Thank you for your help!

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    Re: Help! Found a lovebird and I need some advice

    Hi, Juli. I admire you for rescuing this little one. He could have been out in the wild for awhile. I think the cage probably would scare him for awhile, so covering him three sides with front side open for awhile is a good idea. I do agree he very well, may have escaped from his home. He could have lived in a big aviary as well. Being dirty, and especially the vent, in my view would be because he had not had much to eat. I would say you could feed him the seeds and foods you feed your lovie.

    I would suggest a vet wellness check if at all possible. It will be a good idea to quarantine him by placing his cage across the room from your lovie until you get a vet check, or about 30 days in case he would have some unknown illness that would be contagious and pass to your lovie. As to age, I cannot say, although from your description, he does seem to be very young. We will welcome updates anytime.

    Ps..I cannot access your picture.
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    Re: Help! Found a lovebird and I need some advice

    I agree.. he is very pretty!
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    Re: Help! Found a lovebird and I need some advice

    You can tell he is very young by the black on his beak.

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    Re: Help! Found a lovebird and I need some advice

    Yep. Its beak says he is a very young lovie. It also is a very cute one who will grow up and be very beautifully colored. I too think a vet check would be a good idea since it has been outside.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Help! Found a lovebird and I need some advice

    He looks like maybe 6 weeks old. Babies get the black beak which usually disappears at about 10 weeks

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