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Thread: Should I get my female budgie another companion?

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    Question Should I get my female budgie another companion?

    Just yesterday my male budgie, Timo, died and this morning I noticed that my female budgie, Espuma, wasn't singing, just calling. She's doing everything else normally, but I think she's sad/lonely. I read that you need to give them time to grieve, but I'm debating on whether or not I should get her a new buddy afterwards. Timo's previous partner died, and so I got him Espuma, and now Timo is dead. I'm just afraid of this becoming a cycle.
    Another option would be just leaving her on her own, but me interacting more with her. I read some articles about taming and I would also like to give that a try. She's 4 years old now. Is she too old to be tamed?
    I just want what's best for her. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!

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    Re: Should I get my female budgie another companion?

    Hi, and welcome to the community. I am so sorry for you that Timo died. You are correct that there is a mourning period of time for Espuma. If you were to get another male, is there a breeder or petshop in your area, or a pet rescue, where you could get a budgie that is about her age, or no older thas 2-3. I recommernd this because often times a female will consider a baby or very young male like an offspring, rather than a mate. This can cause problems with the baby budgie in that the female will dominate him and could also could keep him from eating because she wants to regurgutate her seeds and feed him.

    You could get another cage for the new bird and gradually introduce them, after the new bird is settled in. And another option is that for now, put a couple mirrors in the cage, placing them on the end of the perches. Budgies do love mirrors, and I am thinking she might see that bird in the mirror, and be content for awhile, until you decide how you want to proceed. The mirrors could be left in the cage, even if you decide to get the bird right away.

    Here is an examole for you. So, I have two budgies. Muffin, the male, will soon be 6 years old. A couple of years ago, I got another budgie that was a baby. At the time, Muffin was four, and Marlee, the baby was about 3-4 montbs old. When I put Marlee in the cage with Muffin, he immrdiately tried chasing Marlee all over, tried to jump on her back, would not let her eat, and wanted to feed her. Thankfully, I had znother cage to use for Marlee. Over the last year I have tried to out therm together, but Muffin still cominates her, so they each have their own cage now. Being older, Muffin just hasvto dominate her. So, this is the behavior that could happen to you, if you get a baby budgie, since it will be younger.

    Fly high and free over the rainbow bridge, Timo!
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