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Thread: Female Budgie with EXTREMELY watery stools

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    Female Budgie with EXTREMELY watery stools

    My female parakeet, Alice, is in a cage with two males, Ralph and Norton. Norton does mount up on her from time to time.
    She has had very watery stools for a few weeks now. She eats and drinks normally but the newspaper at the bottom of the cage is very wet, soaked actually.

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    Re: Female Budgie with EXTREMELY watery stools

    It could be she is going into hormones, especially since she is mating. Watch her carefully for any other signs of illness like not eating or drinking, and being lethargic and all puffed up. The droppings can get runny when mating, and anticipating her laying eggs. Watch her carefully for any signs she might try to lay an egg on the cage floor, but sits there and cannot push it out. This is called egg binding, and can be fatal. You would need to call an Avian Vet immediately if you see this happen.

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