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Thread: Want a Cockatiel, but Have some questions

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    Want a Cockatiel, but Have some questions

    Hi all,

    I'm new to birds, and have only kept leopard and crested geckos before. I have been watching these forums for a while, but this is my first post. I have already found loads of information, so thanks guys! I plan on getting a 24x21x24 wire cage, food and water dishes, pellets as a main diet with veggies, perches, toys, and newspaper for the floor. I still do have a few questions though.

    1. How often do molts occur, and what are some problems that happen? How can you help with those molting problems?
    2. This may seem kinda silly, but how hard are there bites? (the one cockatiel at my school that I help take care of/ socialize with, only ever acts like he will bite, but then just kinda licks your hand.)
    3. How many hours a day should I be ready to devote to my cockatiel?
    4. Where is the best place to get a tame, hand fed cockatiel?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Want a Cockatiel, but Have some questions

    Hi, and welcome to the community. Cockatiels are people birds who are very intelligent, determined, and like to be the center of attention. Yes, they can bite hard, especially when they are new to your home, because Nature has equipped them with wings to fly away from danger, and also tbeir beaks pritect them from predators in the wild. But they can be trained, and then would not be so apt to bite. Every bjrd will bute on occasion, dve whern tame.

    If you are looking for a hand tame and handfed bird, you will most likely need to find a breeder in your area. You also may be able to find one that is older if there is a bird rescue in your area, or, look in your local newspaper ads, or check various pet stores in your area, tbey may have hand fed and tame birds.

    Many peoole work each day, but yet have a great friendship with their bird. You can have out of cage time on your days off work, and after you get off work.

    I would suggest you feed an all seed diet with plenty of fresh veggies. You also can feed 20% pellets to the seed mix, but just pellets, in my view, are not the best approach for excellent health. In my view, birds also need natural seeds, because in the wild, they would never eat pellets, which are man made. There are none in the wild.

    Molting usually happens about once every six months. There should be no real problems with it, othr than the bird may be out of sorts for awhile.
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    Re: Want a Cockatiel, but Have some questions

    Hello! Welcome to TailFeathers! Cockatiels are great birds, glad you chose one!
    I'll answer these quetions the best that I can, but only based on my experience (and some research lol)

    1. The first "hard" molt should happen about 8 months of age.(however they can have a small molt as early as 4 months) They usually molt 2 times a year. The bird may become grumpy and may seem sick, and that's normal. There really are not any "issues" to be aware of other then that. Any other issues, I suggest a vet visit.

    2. Bites can be pretty nasty with these guys. I've had blood drawn on mutiple occasions... however, they only do it out of defense and often give a warning before a hard bite. But not all tiels bite, just like the tiel at your school.

    3. It really depends. I say at least 30 minutes a couple time a day, just talking to the bird, and 15 minutes a couple times a day letting the bird out of the cage. If you work at 8 am, let the bird out while you're getting ready, etc. a minimum of an hour 1/2 altogether in a day is a good start.

    4. Best place to find a tame, hand-fed Babi tiel is from a local breeder. Or if you're willing to drive, look else where. (If you love in MO I'll have babies ready in a few months lol)

    Ps- I have crested geckos too!
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