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Thread: Indian lovebirds

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    Indian lovebirds

    Hi I have two pair of lovebirds and one of my lovebird is not feeling well it's droppings are water type I don't know what to do plz can anyone suggest me something

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    Re: Indian lovebirds

    How old is your lovebird? If you have hens, have they ever laid eggs? The watery droppings could mean if it is a female, she could soon lay an egg. But also, your bird could be sick, with some sort of bacterial infection. So, on the side of caution, I would suggest you call an Avian vet in your area and take this bird for a wellness check. If it is an infection, and all your birds are housed together, they too could get sick, because these type infections are often passed to other birds.

    If it is due to possible egg laying, the hen can get egg bound, and that could cause death. So' the vet visit, in my view, is appropriate at this time, for safety and peace of mind.
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    Re: Indian lovebirds

    Thank you for your reply

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