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Thread: BABIES....list of questions ...Maxollie..need ya...lol

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    BABIES....list of questions ...Maxollie..need ya...lol

    My first set of baby budgies are doing fabulous. No longer hand fed, they eat veggies/fruits like spinach, romaine, parsley, cilantro, apples and are not too keen on chop....i tried to chop stuff and have it mixed but it just sits there. Second set of babies from other pair are now 14 and 16 days old and still with mom/dad.
    So list of questions for you...
    1. How do i get them to eat eggs? I hear that is great for them but they will not even try it. I have had it daily for a week there but maybe it is container it is in?? Ideas.
    2. The second babies at 14 days the smaller one at times when crop is full only moves head side to side on floor and not lifting it's head. Is that cause crop is "heavy"?? I had not noticed this till now and usually try to leave them mostly alone??
    3. Those of you who are not breeders but wanted to experience this fabulous experience how can you get rid of them or give them away. I am so attached I am crushed.....
    4. What type of water containers do you use? Some say bottles, other bowls and what materials are they made of? I hate the build up on it so quick it gets and the nooks and crannies of the bottles....
    Love this site and hi to Maxollie...not been on for awhile since family things and i was in path of Hurricane Irma.....

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    Re: BABIES....list of questions ...Maxollie..need ya...lol

    Hi Lynn. I got all the birds I know to eat eggs by serving them in different ways. My daughters Conure and when he was alive Boomer love eggs hardboiled and then shredded up with a cheese grater. Since you have budgies you can shred the egg up and then cut it up even smaller with a knife. I tried fried eggs and scrambled eggs and both birds hated them but both of them love hard boiled eggs. If your birds are people friendly sit down and eat the eggs with them. I bird sit my sisters two big birds and bird sit my daughters conure all the time and they all come flying right to us if we sit down to eat anything. If we eat it they have to have it

    I don't think I could ever get rid of the babies if they were mine either. I know I would love them WAY too much to ever let them go.

    Oh my it must of been very scary being in the path of Irma. I am happy you and the birds all made it through it OK.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: BABIES....list of questions ...Maxollie..need ya...lol

    Hi, Lynn. Personally, I would not feed eggs to any budgies except a mated pair who has eggs, and chicks on the way. The reason is because, even though egg is protein, it is a soft food, and soft foods encourage hormones and egg laying in female budgies. You do not want to get this started because you will have single hens with no mate, laying eggs, and they will be laying eggs over and over, and become chronic egg layers.

    The diet you are feeding is great, but please do not feed parsley. It has a phyto chemical in it that can cause esophagal tumors in budgies. Substitute cilantro for the parsley. And, you could feed fresh veggies 2-3 times a week if you wish to instead of everyday. Check your seed ingredients. The mix should have a good list of vitamins and minerals in it, which are sufficient to keep them in good health.

    As to water cups, I use the plastic square cups, and I use bottled pure spring water and no tap water, which has too many chemicals.

    And I totally agree that it is soooo heartbreaking to part with your own babies. It truly is.

    Yikes!!! Those hurricanes are on a roll!!!!!!! Maria is headed west now!!!! Ugh!!!! Stay safe! I will be praying for you and your flock, and all Floridians.
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