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Thread: Can not get Conure to step up

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    Can not get Conure to step up

    Hello I have gotten my first green cheek pineapple conure 5 days ago. She is very talkative plays with all her toys and eats her ZuPreem fruitblend pellets perfectly fine. But the only problem is Everytime I open her cage she climbs onto the cagd bars and hangs on. I put my hand next to her and push lightly to try and get her feet to unhook from cage but I can not succeed. She doesn't bite or anything. Just will not let go of cage bars when I open it and try to get her out. Is there any tips?

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    Re: Can not get Conure to step up

    Hi, and welcome to the community. Get some millet sprigs at the petshop, and hold one out to her, with your hand and arm extended so she can eat off the top of the sprig. Do not force her to step up. Do this a few times a day, and soon she will trust you, and identify the millet as her treat for stepping onto your hand or finger. All birds love millet.

    Also, just sit by her cage and softly talk to her. Play soft music on a radio or cd player. Eat a snack whike you are sitting by her, and I will bet she will eat her pellets, or millets.

    Time and patience are on your side. Each day and week she will trust you more.

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    Re: Can not get Conure to step up

    Welcome to the forum! I think Ellen gave you the perfect advice. It takes them time to get use to you and actually feel comfortable enough to hop onto your finger. I am surprised she has not just bent down and bit your finger because even now if my daughters Green Cheek (Tikki) doesn't want to hop onto our finger he will bend down and bite it! You are going to love your new baby, they are such funny little birds and some of them pick up words fairly easy and have quite a good vocabulary.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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