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Thread: Cockatiel pooing every time he's being handled-what to do?

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    Cockatiel pooing every time he's being handled-what to do?


    So RiffRaff, my cockatiel baby (12ish weeks old) poops whenever he's being handled. I was holding him and he pooped maybe three times in 10 minutes, whilst the other bird I was also holding at the same time didn't poop one time. He does this every time he's being held, and idk what to do. Potty train him? How do I do that? Thanks
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    Re: Cockatiel pooing every time he's being handled-what to do?

    Well, I feel this is a result of socializing them and handling them at a very young age. He has bonded strongly to your touch, and for him, the feel of your hand causes a poop reflex. I think once you stop hand feeding them, and let them spend most of their time some place other than your hand, and once he gets to be about 12-16 weeks old, and goes to a new home, this behavior will cease. Your touch was there for him at a very early age.

    I do not know of any way to potty train him.

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