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Thread: Question about Feeding

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    Question about Feeding

    Hi everyone,
    I just got a baby cockateil and was wondering what you feed your cockatiel. The breeder that I got him from buys a Zupreem
    blend that is fruit flavored pellets with seed in it. Is this ok or do you think the bird will just eat the seed out of it. I know an all seed diet isn't good. Today is the second day I've had him. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!

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    Re: Question about Feeding

    Hi, and welcome to the community. Congrats on your new baby tiel. I think that seed pellet mix will be Ok for now. Many birds do not eat the pellets. Your main goal is to never feed just pellets. Also, go to a website called cockatel cottage, this is a great website, and has a long list of foods you can feed, and those you cannot feed, Zupreem is a trusted brand. Quite honestly, if possible, find a seed mix only. Pellets are man made, and can never replace natural seeds. Try to find a mix with no other fillers in it, just seeds. And the mix should have vitamins in it as well. The more fresh veggies, fruits and other foods you feed the better, along with seeds. They are excellent nutrition.

    Good luck with your new baby. We will welcome your posts, updates, and pictues anytime.
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