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Thread: Cockatiel 5 months old

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    Cockatiel 5 months old

    I just bought cockatiel 5 months old and he is realy scared od me he hising when i go near him, and he doesnt eat at all i have him for two days please help

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    Re: Cockatiel 5 months old

    Hi, and welcome to the community. Congrats on bringing your new baby home. It does take a few days for them to adjust. I have had birds that did not eat or drink for up to 3-4 days. Try putting a couple of seed cups and water cups in the cage until he/she begins to eat and drink regularly. Then you can remove the extra cups.

    I would suggest to just let him or her settle for a week or so. Sit by his cage and talk softly to him. Eat a snack while you are sitting close to him. Even read a kids book to him. Play music on a cd player or radio and even play the Disney Channel for him. Tiels love that channel and also cartoons.

    I would not try touching him until he is eating and drinking and is more trusting of his new home. Time and patiece are on your side. Also, go to Youtube, and find videos of tiels singing and talking. Play them for him. And also, you can find videos on training cockatiels there as well. You can begi training after he will come out of cage, or when you are confidet he will get along well out of cage cver any mirrrs or wall hangings so he does not fky into them, and keep curtans or blinds shut so he will not fly into windows. Never force him out of cage. It will not be long before he will come out on his own.

    We will look for uodates and pictures. If he were not eating and drinking after 4 days max, call an avian vet in your area and see what they would suggest to get him to eat.
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    Re: Cockatiel 5 months old

    I couldn't have said it better. I would also offer millet and once he warms up a bit, a week or so from now, you can offer it to him in your hand and let him come to you. Tiels love Millie!
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