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Thread: Should I get an Indian Ringneck?

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    Should I get an Indian Ringneck?

    I've been very in love with IDR's for a while now and have just come across some beautiful lutino babies. I'm incredibly tempted to buy one but I've only ever had experienced caring for one bird, a untamed cockatiel who I sadly had to give away due to the fact I didn't have enough time to tame him at that stage in my life, unlike now.
    Truth is I have seen many people saying INR's are moody and not starter birds. The bluffing stage intimidates me a little but i'm just dying to have a bird in my life again. When bluffing, are IRN's in a constant aggressive state, or is it just when you bring them out of the cage and such? Would I still be able to have enjoyable time bonding with my bird even if he's bluffing, or will he always be trying to test me and be mean? Will I be able to pet him in the bluffing stage or will I most likely get bitten?

    I've done extensive research but haven't any detailed information on people's personal experiences with bluffing IRN's.

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    Re: Should I get an Indian Ringneck?

    Hi and welcome. We do have some IRN owners here on the forum. Hopefully, they will see your post and give you some info about them.

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    Re: Should I get an Indian Ringneck?

    I wished I could help you but since I never been around a IRN I cannot say if the bluffing stage would ever go away. I sure do know that my sisters Amazon and my daughters Conure act like they are going to bite the poo out of you or attack you when you come near them but you just have to be stern and keep your finger going towards there feet and both of them do hop right onto you. I am not saying they never bite because they sure do bite but it is rare. Mango the Amazon clamped onto my thumb so hard I thought my skin was going to pop and thankfully my sister got him off me without damage. As far as bluffing I think if you show fear they are going to bite you just like Mango got me. Tikki the conure will beak me but not bite. All birds are going to always test you. My theory is they are like 3 year old kids who will continually test you to see what they can get away with. You just got to teach them who is boss and they usually are great birds with a few slip ups (bites) now and then.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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