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Thread: Cockatiel infertile eggs

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    Cockatiel infertile eggs

    I took out all the eggs of my cockatiels and checked for the infertile ones and threw them away and kept the fertile ones in. Is this right? As there were too many the bird in the nest couldn’t attend to all the eggs at the same time.
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    Re: Cockatiel infertile eggs

    Hi, and welcome! Do you have a pair only, or other pairs? How many eggs were there? Even if eggs are unfertile, they must remain with the hen. Nature has programmed a hen to know exactly how many eggs she will lay in one clutch/batch. So, most likely she will be laying more eggs, Even a single hen with no male partner can lay eggs. But the eggs will be infertile. Is there any chance there was another single hen who laid those infertile eggs?

    If she lays more, she needs to keep them in the nest, whether fertile, or unfertile, for at least 30-35 days, incubation time for tiels is about 28 days.

    Do you have a wooden nest box, or another type of nest?? I would suggest you take each egg she has now, carefully remove them, when she is out of the nest. Take a pen, and mark a small #1X on each one. Then, watch for her laying any more eggs, remove them, each day she lays one, and mark #2 A on the first egg, #2B on the next egg, and continue numbering each one until she stops. On a piece of paper, or in a note book write the date, and time each one of the new eggs was laid. You need this info, because it is likely there are going to be two clutches, And that will extend the time to leave eggs in the nest for another 28-35 days.

    Go to a website called cockaiel cottage and read all about breeding, laying eggs and hatching babies. You also can google search....breeding cockatiels and hatching eggs.
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