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Thread: Budgie mating

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    Budgie mating

    I have a 10 year old female Budgie and a 7-8 month old albino budgie. I was curious if it would be safe for my 10 year old to lay eggs? I'm worried about it. They've been somewhat getting along and even though she's old and cranky she seems to like him but I'm worried about her and her age.

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    Re: Budgie mating

    Hi, and welcome to the community. As long as your 10 year old is healthy, it is possible. However, she may have problem laying eggs and get egg bound, which is an emergency, and she would then need to be taken to an Avian vet ASAP. She would need to have a diet of calcium rich veggies, fresh not cooked, and plenty of cuttle bone, so that the egg shell is hard, and she can push out the egg.. Are you sure the young one is a male? Baby birds do not reach full hormone maturity until they are about a year old. Even males have to mature. I would say the young one needs to be about 1 1/2 years old to be a good partner, in that maturity of the pair is very important in order to succeed to the hatching of eggs.

    I would suggest you google search...how to breed budgies, and/or breeding budgies. There is great info on line that will help you to understand the full process.
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    Re: Budgie mating

    She also may like the young budgie as a friend. But perhaps may want to mate with him. I bekieve she is too old to have baby birds. The young male is going to want young in the future. With a younger mate would be best. I worry about safety of a 10 year old bird having young.

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