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Thread: I think Frodo hates my red polar fleece jacket

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    I think Frodo hates my red polar fleece jacket

    I don't know if parrots have thing about certian clothes. But whenever I wear my red polar fleece jacket Frodo won't step up or come out. He lunges and tries to bite me and refuses to come out.
    But soon as I take that jacket off and get something else he will come out.

    So don't know if he really just hates that jacket 0.o

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    Re: I think Frodo hates my red polar fleece jacket

    Hi Tarryn! It is good to see your here again. I have no doubt that Frodo is afraid of plain just does not like your red fleece jacket because I have noticed that lots of birds seem to hate certain things when they see it. Boomer use to be scared to death of our waterbed when we took off the sheets to wash them, he would fly in a panic out of the bedroom like it was going to eat him! My daughters Conure is afraid of rolling balls on the ground and will freak out when he sees them. Not as panicked as Boomer but definitely afraid.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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